Common Dutch Sentences/Words

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Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn especially native-English speakers; besides sentence structure, many words are similar to English. 90% of the Netherlands’ population speaks English at a fluent level, which makes practicing the language a bit difficult when you want to put your new language skills into practice. 

Then there are words in Dutch which cannot be directly translated into English, most famously “Gezellig” like “Hygge” in Danish, is that warm cosy/fun/comfortable feeling/atmosphere you may feel when spending time with your friends/family or doing activities.

There are so many excellent schools where you can learn Dutch, also there are groups on Facebook in your city/town where you can meet others wanting to practice your new language, Apps and YouTube videos which you can follow and so on. For now, here are some daily sentences and words which you can already put in practice.

Everyday greetings/manners words

Hello Hallo












Tot ziens

 Thank you Dank u

Dank u wel (frm)


Dank je wel (inf)

Please Alstublieft (frm)

Alsjeblieft (inf)

Use either as a way to reply to “thank you”

Excuse me Excuseert u mij
Sorry Het spijt me



Have a nice day Nog een pretigge dag

Een goede dag verder

Useful Questions

Do you speak English? Spreekt u Engels?
Where are the toilets? Kunt u mij helpen?
Could you please help me? Waar is het toilet?
Where can I find… Waar kan ik de … vinden?
Could you talk a bit slower? Kunt u wat langzamer praten?
Could you repeat that please? Kunt u herhalen?

Food words

You can find the big list of delicious Dutch delicacies here. Here are more common foods/drinks translated.

Eten & drinken Food & drink
Groente Vegetables
Fruit Fruit
Brood Bread
Kaas Cheese
Melk Milk
Koffie Coffee
Thee Tea
Bier Beer
Wijn Wine
Vlees Meat
Snoep Sweets

Weather words

Het weer

The weather

Het weerbericht

Weather forecast
Lekker/Mooi weer Nice weather
Temperatuur Temperature
Thermometer Themometer
Graden Degrees




Slecht weer Bad weather
Regen Rain
Sneeuw Snow
Hagel Hail
Wind Wind
Wolk Cloud
Donder Thunder
Bliksem Lightning

Days of the week

Monday Maandag
Tuesday Dinsdag
Wednesday Woensdag
Thursday Donderdag
Friday Vrijdag
Saturday Zaterdag
Sunday Zondag

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