Abroad Experience is an international recruitment agency, based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. We successfully support international companies that have set up their European headquarters in the Netherlands. 

Vacancy sectors​

Founded in 1998, we have extensive experience in recruiting multilingual personnel for clients within various industries, such as Technical support / IT, Logistics & Supply Chain, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion/Retail, Ecommerce, Tourism and Telecommunication.

We specialize in Sales/Marketing, Logistics/Supply Chain, Finance, Customer Service and Human Resources.

What to expect from Abroad Experience?

Abroad Experience undertakes to identify, select, interview, screen and present adequate candidates in order to fill the given vacancy. This process shall involve, at least, one telephone interview between Abroad Experience and the candidate. Abroad Experience will guarantee during the period of identification and selection of a candidate that the candidate has:

  • Adequate level of experience and professionalism in relation to the given vacancy.
  • Adequate level of education and training in relation to the given vacancy.
  • Appropriate intellectual, interpersonal, and cultural skills in relation to the given vacancy.
  • Adequate information regarding the expected remuneration of the given vacancy.
  • Adequate and necessary Work Permits and Residence Permits to work in the relating location.

Please find a detailed illustration of the recruitment process for companies below. If you visit the ‘information for applicants’ website link you will also find the recruitment process for applicants.

Recruitment procedure: information for companies

abroad experience recruitment procedure companies mobile
abroad experience recruitment procedure companies

Being a relatively small agency we are able to offer a personal service to our clients. Each client is assigned to an Account Manager who will be the main point of contact. As we work closely as a team there will always be a back-up available if the Account Manager is absent. The communication lines within our organisation are short and therefore we work in an efficient way to respond to the specific needs of our clients.

Abroad Experience offers its services on contract basis, temp basis, detachering and payroll. We always offer our services on no cure – no pay terms.

Not only towards our clients but also towards our applicants we thrive for a high service level. We do this by taking candidates through every step of the recruitment procedure, prepare them for an interview with our clients and support them with the follow-up steps once they found a new job via our agency. We also cooperate with a number of housing agencies and have an exclusive community group for placed candidates to offer ongoing support. Clients can be assured that Abroad Experience applicants are well informed about the Dutch labor market and Dutch working norms via our preparation & guidance.

Lead times​

Our agency has a large database with international applicants, which is updated with new applications on a daily basis. Each incoming applicant is screened in terms of a valid work permit, language level & relevant experience. A candidate is assigned to a recruitment consultant who will start with a detailed intake call and language test before they are forwarded for matching job opportunities. This way we respect the needs & expectations of our clients with suitable applicants.

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We have recently been alerted about a potential threat. It has come to our attention that individuals are attempting to impersonate our organization, contacting job seekers via different social media channels, including Whatsapp and Messenger, with the purpose to exploit unsuspecting job seekers. Please stay alert, regarding unusual e-mail addresses as a sender or Whatsapp messages when the landcode is not +31 (landcode NL). Abroad Experience would never request any form of payment, including money, to assist you in your job search. Any such claims or demands made by individuals posing as representatives of our company are unequivocally false and not in accordance with Dutch law.

We remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of all applicants. Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our authorized representatives.

Here is a little reminder on how to avoid scammers: