Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

A Statement by Abroad Experience International Recruitment on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the Company & in the Recruitment and Selection Process of Multilingual Jobseekers:

Abroad Experience International Recruitment consists of a team of international professionals from all over the globe, such as from Canada, Argentina, France, Germany & The Netherlands. By working in a diverse team of international professionals we celebrate employee’s differences on a daily basis. This means that we acknowledge that everyone brings their own cultural norms, values, communication style and traditions to the workplace. We believe that by respecting employee’s cultural backgrounds, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion, they feel recognized and can all reach their full potential in their professional working environment. By reaching a sense of inclusion amongst employees they move past social categorization. This is in line with the diversity theories, which we train employees in when they start working for Abroad Experience Recruitment.  

Abroad Experience practices inclusive recruitment by following the steps below:

  • Job descriptions: All our job descriptions are in English, as we cooperate with international clients. We define as clearly as possible what the job tasks and requirements are, making sure that potential candidates understand what skills, languages and experience is needed to be considered for the vacant role. This way we speak to a broad range of audiences and make sure to use appropriate use of wording in our job descriptions so that it is understandable for everyone. 
  • Search engines and headhunting strategies: We place our job vacancies on our website, on social media channels (e.g., Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter), as well as on different job portals (e.g. Top Language Jobs, IamExpat, Justlanded, Indeed, Monster and Eurojobs), assuring that the vacancies are accessible to people from all over the globe via the World Wide Web. When headhunting for candidates, Abroad Experience focused on IT skills, languages, location and years of work experience. We do not focus on skin color, nationality, religion or age. 
  • Email responses: When a candidate applies to a vacancy via our website or a job portal, they receive an email response, thanking them for their time to apply to the role, and that they will be assisted soon. The first email they receive also includes the following paragraph: All applicants, no matter what cultural background, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion they have, are contacted about their application and receive feedback in every step of the recruitment process. When a candidate is not considered by a client for a job role then the employees at Abroad Experience offer extensive feedback to assure the candidate why he/she was not selected for the role. There have been cases in the past that a candidate has asked if he/she has not been selected because of his/her nationality or skin color. By giving extensive feedback we assure that candidates do not have to doubt that there was a bias in the selection procedure.
  • Intake calls with candidates: When a suitable candidate applies for a vacancy our next step is to schedule a telephone intake call with them. This telephone intake typically takes 30 minutes and gives candidates the chance to get to know our agency, to share their work experience with us and to explain why they would be a suitable candidate for the role. We take candidates through a number of questions and make sure to cover the same questions with each candidate, assuring that each one of them is treated equally. We ask questions in a cultural sensitive way, making sure that candidates do not feel categorized or treated unequally. 
  • Introducing suitable candidates to clients: When a candidate is introduced for a job role then their CV is sent without including personal information that could bias the decision and could disrupt their rights of privacy, such as date of birth, contact details and nationality. 
  • Interview preparation session: At Abroad Experience Recruitment we aim to help as many people as possible with finding a suitable new job via our agency. In order to support them in every step of the way throughout the application procedure and to make the interview experience a positive and successful one for them, we schedule a telephone or online interview preparation session. This session typically takes place one or two days before the actual interview. In this preparation session we go through interview questions and scenarios together and answer any questions that the candidate still has regarding the company or the job role. This way they do not need to doubt facing any unusual situations or feel as if they are in a disadvantage. 
  • Highlighting our company’s diversity to candidates: We develop a strong and trusting bond with each one of our candidates because they are aware of the fact that our recruitment agency consists of international employees who have been through many of the same challenges that they are facing. We are proud to be able to offer very personal and extensive services to candidates. Candidates typically are very open about their own background because they know that they are not being judged and that the information they share will not be used against them.
  • All new employees receive an extensive diversity training, which includes diversity approach theories, such as the colorblind model and the multicultural model. We like to use an all-inclusive workplace approach at Abroad Experience Recruitment, see below.
  • Colorblind model= Ignoring cultural differences and seeing everyone as equal, which leads to group members not using their full potential and discourages them from acting and behaving in the unique ways associated with their cultural background (Stevens et. Al, 2008). Even though the colorblind approach comes with good intentions by “treating everyone the same”, minority groups tend to feel disrespected if their cultural background is devalued. This can lead to conflicts on the work floor as colorblind approaches lead to issues, such as racial biases.
  • Multicultural model = Assumes that diversity is good and recognizes group differences  Celebrating people’s differences and not downgrading their cultural backgrounds. This approach highlights the benefits of diverse work teams that have strong team bonds and feel home in their workplace. A multicultural model also leads to positive intergroup relations, trust and internal motivation amongst employees.

Stevens, F. G. , Plaut, V. C. & Sanchez-Burks, J. (2008). The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. 116- 133.  Unlocking the Benefits of Diversity: All-Inclusive Multiculturalism and Positive Organizational Change. 

“Please note: All applicants will be considered for employment opportunities without attention to age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality or disability status.”

The aim of an organization should be to move towards an all-inclusive workplace that recognizes the importance of differences amongst people and also acknowledges and respects such differences. Instead of focusing on how to promote inclusion of minority groups we should also take into account how we can train majority groups in regard to inclusion, multiculturalism and diversity. (Stevens et. Al, 2008).  At Abroad Experience Recruitment employees are able to use their own communication style, their languages and their educational background in the recruitment and selection process. 

We would like to end this statement with the following quote, which can be used as a take home messages for any employer and company that wants to positively influence equality, diversity and inclusion on the work floor:

“Racial and ethnic diversity can be drawn on as a resource for building on employees’ strengths; cultivating a climate that fosters respect, compassion, and openness; and ultimately, gaining a competitive advantage through generating feelings of inclusion of both minority and nonminority employees.” (Stevens et. Al, 2008). 

Sources : Stevens, F. G. , Plaut, V. C. & Sanchez-Burks, J. (2008). The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. 116- 133.  Unlocking the Benefits of Diversity: All-Inclusive Multiculturalism and Positive Organizational Change.