What to expect while working via Abroad Experience Recruitment

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Abroad Experience is a recruitment agency that offers roles in numerous sectors and industries. From Customer Service to Logistics, Finance and Marketing – we are always looking for international talents with different language skills.

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After a successful recruitment procedure with Abroad Experience, if it comes to a job offer, Abroad Experience is able to support you with a number of tasks that you may still need to take care of before your first workday, especially if you are not yet located in the Netherlands.

What to expect when working via Abroad Experience Recruitment

Along with information about the contract signing, you will also receive a guidebook with all the information that you will need in regard to what to take care of before starting with your new job – this includes information in regards to getting a BSN number, Dutch health insurance and tips in regards to housing.

We also have an exclusive community group on Facebook for all candidates who have been placed by Abroad Experience. Once you have been placed you will have access to the group.

This community Facebook page is a place to find support, advice, and encouragement when it comes to finding housing, getting settled in your (new) home country & meeting fellow internationals. Furthermore, you can expect the following from the community group:

  • Find a fellow roommate, advise each other on housing or find valuable insider advice about accommodation in the Netherlands- it’s all possible in this group! If you look for a room mate or know about a room/studio/apartment that is available, you may share this with the group.
  • Give each other tips about fun events, how to learn Dutch, and arranging documents.
  • Make new friends and get to know other internationals who are also new in the Netherlands/starting a new job/looking to hang out together.
  • Find guidebooks with topics such as how to find housing, how to improve your Dutch language skills and how to find fun activities in the Netherlands year-round.

Another benefit of working via Abroad Experience Recruitment is that you will have ongoing support from your dedicated recruitment consultant- no matter how long you are already working via us. We are always there for assistance when it comes to questions in regard to sick leave and other matters. 

What about my contract and pay slip when working via Abroad Experience Recruitment?

In The Netherlands, it is common for companies to hire personnel via temping agencies for temporary roles or prior to a direct company contract. This means that you would be officially employed by and receive your salary from Abroad Experience. We work according to the Collective Agreement for Temporary Employees and are also certified according to the NEN 4400-1.

Before starting as a temporary employee at Abroad Experience you will receive an employment contract and an assignment that states all the information regarding your starting date, salary, work location, travel allowance and company details.

You will receive a pay slip and personal login details to access your pay slip for each payment period that will provide the following information:

  • The salary earned
  • The gross hourly salary
  • The number of hours worked
  • The deductions made from the salary
  •  Travel Allowance
  • The payslip will also show the reserves that the Temporary Employee has accumulated in the preceding period and the total accumulated reserves that have not been used.

Please note: No financial aid can be provided by Abroad Experience for your relocation.

If you are reading this and you recently found a job via Abroad Experience, please do not hesitate to let us know what you thought about your journey with Abroad Experience Recruitment! We’d love to hear your feedback so that we can offer the best service to job seekers.

If you have a few spare minutes, we would truly appreciate it if you could fill in our short review questionnaire on our Glassdoor page. There are many internationals in the Netherlands who find it challenging to find a job in their new home country. Many of them don’t know about recruitment agencies and would love to hear more about the experience from other internationals who found a job via our agency. 

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We have recently been alerted about a potential threat. It has come to our attention that individuals are attempting to impersonate our organization, contacting job seekers via different social media channels, including Whatsapp and Messenger, with the purpose to exploit unsuspecting job seekers. Please stay alert, regarding unusual e-mail addresses as a sender or Whatsapp messages when the landcode is not +31 (landcode NL). Abroad Experience would never request any form of payment, including money, to assist you in your job search. Any such claims or demands made by individuals posing as representatives of our company are unequivocally false and not in accordance with Dutch law.

We remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of all applicants. Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our authorized representatives.

Here is a little reminder on how to avoid scammers: https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/know-recruitment-fraud/