10 apps the Dutch use every day

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Here are a few useful applications which you will want to download when you relocate to the Netherlands. From travel, news, and lifestyle, these little buttons of information will help you in more ways than one.

  1.  NS app [Travel]

With this app, you have the schedule’s of the trains in your pocket.  Set your departure station and then your arrival, and it will show you your travel options. They have recently added information about OV-bike rental availability and “NS Zonetaxi,” where you’re able to booked a taxi in advance to pick you up when you arrive. It’s super handy for when you need to find an alternative route to your destination when there are delays or cancelations. And when there are major delays on your regular route, NS will send you a notification.

  1. 9292 [Travel]

9292 offers travel information on not only trains, but busses and ferries as well. If your destination is a specific address, the app will find the closest bus stop, and give you walking directions to your destination. Common locations can be saved as “home” or “office” for a quicker result when traveling from an unfamiliar place.

  1. Rabo Bank, ING and ABN AMRO [Banking]

Most of the banks in the Netherlands have their own applications. They all offer an overview of your transactions and are often use for transferring. They aren’t used for much else, but are well secured and easy to use, especially when on the go.

  1. Marktplaats [Buy and Sell]

Everywhere there are second hand shops and groups on Facebook when you are able to find a great bargain old (but new) items. Marktplaats (which could be considered the Craigslist or Gumtree of the Netherlands.) You’re able to search for the item you are looking for quickly, find contacts and bid.

  1. NOS – NU – Telegraaf [News]

Stay up to date in Dutch current events. Nu.nl won the best Dutch app of 2014, and gives you the option to customize your news feed. They’re all quite straight forward, aand it’s a great way to start learning the new language!

  1. Duolingo [Learning]

Speaking of learning a new language, Duolingo is known to be one of the most reliable language learning apps out there. Select the difficulty, get tested and have daily lessons to learn Dutch. All you need is 10 minutes a day, and you will be speaking/reading/writing the lingo in no time.

  1. Lexa [Dating]

Lexa.nl is the online dating service for singles who are looking to a date and /or love. You can directly find who has looked at your profile, message, and easily be in touch with other singles.

  1. Zolando [Fashion and Shopping]

With Zolando you are able to shop online from wherever you are. Over 1500 top brands are displayed in the app, and you’re able to compare prices of pieces that you love either via the app or scan a tag in a shop to find a better price online. They also offer free delivery and you can track your order.

  1. Mijn Telfort – Vodafone – T-mobile [Phone providers]

Track your data usage for SMS, internet and call minutes from your cell phone provider.

  1. AccuWeather – Buienradar [Weather]

In the Netherlands the weather can be unpredictable, but with  a weather app, you can easily predict whether you should be wearing a rain jacket or not. Never the less, you should always keep an umbrella or poncho on you at all times. 

We hope you will find these applications very useful when you have finally settled here. Do you know of any other useful apps which Expats should have on their phone?

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