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There are many online courses and certificates being offered by premier institutions, organizations and companies these days. Some are even free! These courses are a great way to gain specialization in a certain area, bring further value to your company or stay active and improve yourself during periods of unemployment.

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10 Online course platforms

So while we at Abroad Experience are busy finding you your dream job, have a look at some of the best online courses we have found:

  • Coursera (Free MOOCs – Massive Open Online Classes – provided by top universities such as MIT and Harvard. These courses, similar to those in real-life universities, necessitate a certain level of commitment. Many courses also include the paying option of a Verified Certificate, which attests to your completion of the coursework and can be shared on LinkedIn profiles and CVs.)
  • Duolingo (Free language modules offered in a wide selection of languages and levels. In addition, Duolingo is constantly striving to improve their programs, which are also offered in tablet and smartphone applications.)
  • Memrise (An online community learning tool used mainly for language learning but also branches out into other subject areas. Available in applications for tablets and smartphones.)
  • OpenCulture (A selection of online courses and certificates on a variety of subjects from leading institutions provided through other educational platforms, such as Coursera. Classes are organized by course credential codes, some of which require or offer paid verification.)
  • The Open University (An accredited university offering innovative distance learning programmes. Many degree options are available and the university does not take into account previous academic achievements with regard to admission. Course fees vary depending on where you live and financial assistance may be available.)
  • The Dell Training Center (Online courses in 20 minute modules on subjects ranging from cloud computing to virtualization, from data storage to security. Courses are free and are rated on a five-star scale with user comments.)
  • HP LIFE e-Learning (HP’s Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (LIFE) programme is composed of free interactive online courses for entrepreneurs. Course offerings include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Basics of Finance, Effective Websites and more.)
  • Microsoft Learning (Microsoft’s training and certification portal, where you can find everything from Microsoft office suite video tutorials to a search tool to locate the training providers nearest to a specified location for obtaining certain certifications.)
  • Training for Android Developers (Extensive lessons on development with Android, from the bare essentials to more advanced application development. Also offers a related 6-12 month Android Developer Nanodegree for a monthly fee.)
  • ALISON (A collection of 600 free standards-based and certified courses from top publishers such as Google, Adobe and Macmillan and subjects ranging from finance to health to IT.)

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.” — Bill Gates

Abroad Experience International Recruitment wishes you the best of luck in your career growth!

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