What is a collective labor agreement (CAO) and what does it mean to work as a CAO uitzendkracht?

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What is a CAO?

CAO stands for ‘Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst’ and can be translated to ‘collective labor agreement’. CAO’s are collective labor agreements between an employer and a trade union in regards to wages, working hours, probation, pension and other important rights & duties of the agency and temporary employee. 

Abroad Experience works in accordance with the ABU’s collective labor agreement. The ABU, which is short for the Federation of temporary employment agencies Federation of temporary employment agencies. Their CAO Collective Agreement is for Temporary Employees working in The Netherlands.

Working as a CAO uitzendkracht via Abroad Experience Recruitment

If you are working as a temporary employee via Abroad Experience and come to our office for your contract signing, then you are working in accordance with the collective labor agreement of the ABU. You are a CAO Uitzendkracht. 

Do you want to know more about how many holiday days you have? Do you want to know more about your pension? Your holiday allowances? Your overworking hours? What to do when on sick leave?

When working with Abroad Experience you will receive an English version of a PDF file with the Collective Labor Agreement of the ABU. You can also find the link to this PDF file below:

ABU CAO English 2019-2021

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