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This is Patricia’s story with Abroad experience: a Dutch candidate who had never really lived or worked in the Netherlands, due to her parent’s jobs at first and subsequently her own international career. Eventually, Patricia decided to come back to the Netherlands and was looking for a job.

Abroad Experience

How did you come into contact with Abroad Experience?

When I decided to move back to the Netherlands after spending most of my life abroad, I put my CV on all of the job boards and CV databases. I was looking for a position in the Amsterdam area as my daughter was going to school there. I had heard about recruitment agencies but never really thought about using their services. While I was still abroad I was in contact with the chamber of commerce and the embassy to try and find employment. After about a year here, Abroad Experience contacted me for a Customer Support role within an international company in Amsterdam.

Had you already submitted many applications when you were approached by Abroad Experience?

I started looking while still abroad but with little success. After relocating, I was living in Arnhem and it proved quite difficult to find a position in Amsterdam from there as the distance was often a rejection factor. Also, although Dutch, I was looking for international companies where my language skills would be an advantage. Ironically, I was rejected once for a Dutch role because they said my Dutch was not good enough!

In what ways did Abroad Experience help you the most?

I think it would have to be the coaching. When you are looking for a job for a while, you feel vulnerable and maybe start feeling insecure about your strengths and talents. Dealing with the consultants at Abroad Experience was almost like therapy. I found them very accommodating and flexible. They gave me valuable tips on how to approach and prepare for the interview, how to present myself and how to sell my skills and experience. I felt like they were by my side the whole time.

What advice would you give to a candidate in a similar situation?

Do not give up. Treat job searching like a job in itself. Sit at your computer eight hours a day and send applications. Be proactive; call agencies and companies: do not wait for them to contact you. You might get 300 no’s but eventually, you will get that YES.

How would you sum up your experience with Abroad Experience in a few words?

Very good. Professional, caring and communicative.

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