An amazing work environment makes your employees happier!

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Performing at your job is probably the most important factor when it comes to evaluating your work. Many managers use data as a reference for performance, but sometimes they forget that performance is directly linked to the well-being of their employees and their work environment.

We will explain to you in this blog why an individual’s well-being at work is so important, how it can increase productivity and how to improve it. Read more →

Understand the Dutch education system: from kinder to university

The Dutch education system is quite complicated and requires some preparation if you’re coming from another country. This blog will allow you to have an overview of the Dutch education system’s specificities as an expat moving to the Netherlands from kinder to university.

As overwhelming as the system may seem, the Netherlands is ranked as the 2nd best education system in Europe and welcomes 82 000 foreign students every year. Read more →

Transports in the Netherlands: from bikes to train

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The transportation system in the Netherlands is quite easy to understand but also pretty different from the bordering countries. The OV Chip-card is your golden ticket to travel in the Netherlands. It covers pretty much the whole country and can be used for trains, buses and even bikes. We are going to tell you, in this blog post, every specificity about transportation you should know before travelling within the Netherlands. Read more →

How to recruit the younger generation?

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Every generation has its own way of thinking and interacting with the world. Depending on their environment and education, they see the world of work from a different perspective. Baby boomers, Generation X and the Millennials are now well known because they have been working for quite some time. However, Generation Z (or Gen Z) is still a mystery for a lot of workers and recruiters due to their young age, let’s see who they are. Read more →

What to remove from social media profile before applying for a job?

Social media often reflect how we are as individuals and nowadays it is fairly easy to find information about a person online. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 70 per cent of employers will have a look at your profiles on social media before inviting you for an interview or hiring you. This number shows the importance of managing the content you share with friends on various platforms. Read more →