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Performing at your job is probably the most important factor when it comes to evaluating your work. Many managers use data as a reference for performance, but sometimes they forget that performance is directly linked to the well-being of their employees and their work environment.

We will explain to you in this blog why an individual’s well-being at work is so important, how it can increase productivity and how to improve it.

What makes work a more pleasant place to be?

Well-being at work involves several parameters to make the environment a more friendly and pleasant place to be for 8+ hours a day. First, well-being can be translated by the most basic things such as an organized and clean work environment with proper light and pleasant temperature. Without this bare minimum, it can be difficult for employees to focus properly and, therefore, work efficiently.

Then, well-being involves a match between the salary expectation of the employee and the actual income they receive. If the salary is lower than the employee’s expectation or doesn’t increase as he/she would like it to, the employee won’t be satisfied and might be less productive. However, if the salary matches the employee’s expectation, he/she will be highly satisfied and, therefore, be motivated to work.

Also, creating social and professional connections within the company is important for employees, they need to feel recognized and listened to, by their superiors and colleagues. Communication is a key factor for the information to flow easily between the company’s members and create interpersonal connections. The nature of work is also important when it comes to responsibility and the range of tasks given to somebody. The more a person will play a role in their company, the more they will push themselves to excel.

Reconciling professional and personal life is a strong factor to be efficient daily as well. The ability of an employee to have flexible schedules can be a huge plus. This can prevent from high absenteeism, and increase productivity. Indeed, it has been proved that working from home, from time to time, reduces stress due to less travel time and the possibility of arranging their own schedule. It gives a sense of control to the worker and allows them to focus more on work than on external responsibilities.

How does it affect your work?

Employees who feel happy and accomplished at work tend to be more proactive, focused and competent. Due to better management and environment, their sense of belonging to a positive company that takes care of them, can be enhanced.

Moreover, going to work should no longer be a burden, but, on the contrary, should become a place of self-achievement.

Feeling good is directly related to the work you’re going to produce. When employees feel unsatisfied or annoyed by their work environment, they will focus on the things that bother them instead of focusing on their tasks. They might also feel the need to search for another job if they don’t feel that their potential is not used 100% or that they’re being underappreciated. Being bored is also something that happens when a person does the same tasks repeatedly and can lead to a lack of motivation to do this task, knowing it won’t change.

Tips to increase well-being at work

We have 3 main areas that can be improved in your company to create more happiness at work as a manager. If you are an employee, you can also mention one of those solutions to your manager.

Firstly, implementing a learning process through training, team building workshops or by providing access to online courses. Learning is often forgotten within companies but it is actually very important. It allows employees to improve their professional competencies and become an expert in their field. It gives them a sense of self-confidence, personal improvement and accomplishment. Team building is also a great way to develop your skills as well as strengthen the team spirit. However, a workshop is not the only option to improve team cohesion, it can just be a nice gathering around coffee or cake, decorating the office for the holiday season or going out for an after-work drink.

Secondly, giving more responsibilities to your employees will increase their feeling of importance and the trust of their superiors. It increases the employee’s self-confidence as they feel capable of doing more important tasks. They have power in their hands and realize their work is worth being done and has an impact on the company. Feeling involved in the company is a great motivation to work better. As a manager, you can include more employees in important decision-making, ask for their opinions on the strategies that the company should apply and so on.

Finally, rewarding your employees when their performance is higher will increase their well-being. It can translate into a financial perk such as a bonus, or it can be a non-material perk like a yearly sports membership or a free lunch every Friday for example. The youngest generation of workers is particularly sensitive to this kind of attention and will push themselves to achieve goals.


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