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Before starting as a temporary employee at Abroad Experience, you will receive an employment contract and a corresponding assignment sheet which outlines all the relevant information regarding starting date, salary, work location, travel allowance, etc.

Draft contract

A draft will normally be sent to you by e-mail so that you have time to read through, identify any questions that you might have and correct any errors in personal information such as your address or given name before the contract signing. At the signing, your recruitment consultant at Abroad Experience will also go through the document with you page by page so that everything is clear and all of your questions are answered.

Types of contract

There are different kinds of temporary contracts and, in general, the hiring company has set policies in regard to what they can offer to you as a new employee in terms of duration and employment type.

The most common route is to start on a Temporary Contract with an agency clause (uitzendbeding). This is an open-ended contract that is valid for a maximum period of 78 worked weeks (CAO Phase A). While working in Phase A, you are paid for the hours that you actually work. During this period you have a notification period of one day and the employer has a notification period that varies from 0-14 calendar days depending on time length of time employed. Most hiring companies choose to offer the employee a direct one after a period of approximately 6 months.

Some companies prefer to offer the employee a fixed term (detachering). In this case, you would get a contract valid for a specific period of time and for a fixed amount of hours per week.

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