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Abroad Experience is a recruitment agency that offers roles in numerous sectors and industries. From customer service to marketing, we are looking for international talents with different language skills.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a perfect CV, but companies and recruitment agencies alike have certain expectations when receiving a CV. As recruiters, we’ve seen thousands of CV’s throughout our experience. From rather plain layouts and two-liners to board games and flower…
Finding an internship in the Netherlands (also called ‘stage’ in Dutch), can be a long and tough process especially when you’re a foreign student who does not speak Dutch. However, being well-informed about the system can be helpful to anticipate the demand of the…
Having a professional network is of great importance in today’s job market. According to experts, between 70% and 85% of people find a job thanks to their network. Why is it important to have a good network? Not only does having a professional network…
If you’re planning to relocate to the Netherlands, or to any foreign country in general, coming up with a story behind the idea of relocating to a new country is crucial to you finding a job. There are many cases in which people do…

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