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The IT Project Specialist is responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective utilization of software applications within an organization. This role involves configuring, maintaining, and supporting various software systems, collaborating with end-users, and troubleshooting issues to optimize the functionality of applications.

Main Responsibilities

Your primary responsibilities within the organization include:

  1. Overseeing the technical management of the ERP application and its ecosystem.
  2. Supporting and participating in implementation processes.
  3. Coordinating maintenance, optimizations, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  4. Detecting and resolving potential failures or issues.
  5. Automating processes and acting as a bridge between the business and software development

In your role, you will:

  • Ensure the correct and stable operation of critical business applications.
  • Lead and oversee new application implementations in collaboration with internal teams and external suppliers.
  • Manage and execute tasks at the SQL server level, such as overseeing web services, dealer portals, and EDI connections with major partners like Amazon.
  • Handle Supply Chain and Warehouse Management System (WMS) applications.
  • Collaborate closely with Functional Application Specialists to ensure the technical functionality of Exact and its ecosystem.
  • Engage with technical support and other vendors to resolve issues and bottlenecks.
  • Assist in biannual new software release implementations, including UAT.
  • Manage external parties involved in technical changes.
  • Possess basic knowledge of SQL and APIs.

Your role is crucial in maintaining the stability and functionality of the critical business applications and ensuring effective communication between various stakeholders.


  • 2-3 years’ of work experience
  • HBO level of working and thinking
  • Proficiency in relevant software applications and tools.
  • Fluent English skills, both spoken and written are required
  • You are independent, come up with solutions and ensure implementation
  • Strong communication skills and pro-active
  • Someone who is good at managing external parties in terms of technical changes, but does not or minimally does development themself.
  • You have EU citizenship, or a valid work and residence permit for the Netherlands.

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