Learn, grow and thrive as an expat on the Dutch Job Market


Did you know that job seekers struggle to find jobs that ACTUALLY suit them? 

Why is that? 

In our busy society, people are not encouraged to take a step back and to reflect on what they actually want out of their career and how to connect their life purpose to their job. Some job seekers do not have the right tools, support and knowledge to find the perfect job.


Therefore, they dive into jobs that they do not enjoy, lack skills in CV writing and often undersell themselves due to limiting beliefs, stress and other factors. 


As a result, people often feel stuck in their job search, stay in their comfort zone and don’t experience personal growth, even if they know this does not bring out the best in them.

Without the right support, accountability & resources, this vicious cycle of feeling stuck will remain.

This is where career coaches come in: to provide the right support, the right action steps and the right accountability, so that job seekers can see transformation in their career…and in their whole life as a result of that!

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Career coaching helps you to discover

  1. A powerful vision for your career and how this impacts all your areas in your life
  2. What application methods and interview techniques have not been working for you and why they are keeping you from getting the job you want
  3. What has been stopping you or slowing you down from being hired within a reasonable time ….and what to do about it
  4. What actions to take to transform your career inside & out.

Career Coaching topics

Connecting your career to your life purpose

In this one-hour session, we help you to (re) define your life purpose and help you discover how to connect your career and your personal purpose. Research shows that employees are happier, more productive, more fulfilled, more focused and more satisfied when they have a job that is in line with their life purpose. 


You will be guided through a powerful exercise, followed by tailored questions from your coach that will support you in becoming crystal clear about what you want to get out of your career and how you can detect what parts of your career need nourishment to be in line with your personal values. 


You will move forward in your job search with a powerful & clear vision for what you want and why you want it- leading you to move away from frustrations & doubts towards clarity, peace of mind and new focus in your job search. 

Gaining confidence in interviews

Interviews can truly make us feel out of our comfort zone- they can be nerve-wracking and make us feel a whole bunch of emotions throughout the process (especially, if we do not feel well prepared!) Maybe you had a stressful interview experience lately or it has been a long time since you had your last interview. Or perhaps you are about to attend your very first interview in the Netherlands. A huge key in succeeding in interviews is the right preparation & showing up with confidence. 


In this one-hour coaching session, you’ll learn effective tools that will help you unleash the most professional, grounded and confident version of yourself during an interview. 


Our career coach has supported hundreds of international job seekers to get ready for interviews and to get hired successfully by giving them a structured interview preparation session. 


You’ll learn amongst other topics, how to walk into an interview with calmness & confidence, you’ll be able to answer tricky interview questions like a pro and you’ll be able to handle any unforeseen interview scenarios. 

Overcoming fears of failure

Do you have those nagging limiting beliefs about yourself that are getting in the way of your career success? Do you experience fear of failure when it comes to applying to jobs and being employed?


In this one-hour session, you’ll detect what is holding you back from reaching your full potential, how your limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your success and what to do about it so that you can fully step into your personal power and build the career that you deserve. 


You’ll be guided through a series of questions that are designed to help uncover the obstacles that you are facing in your career built up. And then we will discover how those fears have been holding you back from reaching your career goals. We will make a step-by-step plan so that you can overcome your fears and feel empowered instead.



This session guarantees you to have some powerful breakthroughs in terms of what you want to reach, what your goals are for your career and how to get there step by step. 

What’s missing in your CV to land on the YES pile?

Breaking your head about what’s missing in your current CV? Frustrated & disappointed about not being noticed by hiring managers & recruiters in the Netherlands?


In this one-hour session, we bring awareness to what’s been making your CV land on the ‘no’ pile and why you are not being invited to interviews. 


You’ll get personal CV feedback from a career coach who has been working as a recruiter for the Dutch market and knows what it takes for a CV to stand out and to have that “Wow” effect. 

Are you underselling yourself in your applications & interviews?

We often do not even realize when we undersell ourselves. We are not aware that we sabotage our careers by making ourselves small. But what really happens when you undersell yourself during applications & interviews?


In this one-hour power session, we will uncover in what ways you are currently underselling yourself on the job market and how to fix this so that you can achieve what you deserve.


You’ll learn how to detect whether you are currently selling yourself short and we’ll go through your CV and interview techniques to detect what parts need a makeover to bring your skills & achievements into the spotlight. 

Letting go of perfectionism while applying for jobs

Let’s be honest here: Perfectionism could be one of the biggest barriers during your job hunt. Don’t understand us wrong- of course, you should be putting in effort in your job search but if you are a perfectionist, chances are that this habit is standing in your way of seeing growth happening in your hunt for a suitable job. 


In this one-hour session, we’ll uncover how to beat perfectionism and how to conquer your job search with a different mindset.


You’ll know how to make an impact on the job market and chances are that you will experience a lot of personal growth and ‘aha moments’ in this powerful session. 

Charlotte team coaching

I help international jobseekers in the Netherlands to focus their job search, boost their productivity, gain fresh confidence & unlock their full potential in order to find employment on Dutch ground that fulfils them.– Charlotte, Certified Career Coach & Expat

Book a 1h session with our Career Coach Charlotte!

Meet your coach

Charlotte team coaching

Charlotte Lohmeyer

Charlotte is originally from Germany grew up in the United States and has been living in the Netherlands for about 8 years.

As an International Recruitment Consultant, as well as Certified Career Coach, she is passionate about supporting other expats and migrants in feeling empowered on the Dutch labor market and home in the Netherlands.  


Due to her own fair share of obstacles in her job search abroad, as well as her international upbringing that made her move around the globe, she understands what it means to relocate, learn new languages, settle in and potentially experience a lot of challenges in regards to your job search. 


Charlotte helps dozens of internationals every month to uncover what has been stopping them from what they want out of their career, what has been keeping them stuck… and what to do about it. Her professional approach is an interactive, fun & enjoyable one that leads to results and many ‘aha’ moments for those she works with. 


She is here to stretch your comfort zone, hold you accountable and help you to have powerful breakthroughs!


No matter if you need personal feedback on your CV, need an extra hand with facing your interview fears, want to uncover the limiting beliefs that keep you in your comfort zone or have another personal matter that you’d like to cover, Charlotte will tailor-make your sessions so that they unlock the power in you! 


Let’s create a powerful vision for you and your career so that you can feel fulfilled in your career…and all other areas of your life!