Online Interview: It’s show time!

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In this day and age, we have been given a bunch means of communication. We have covered face to face interviews, as well as telephone, but there is one more important mean of which we at Abroad Experience use frequently: Skype. This is just as important as a regular old telephone or face to face interview, and you can face many more technical issues with this method. Here are our tips to preparing and handling the worst case scenarios.

  1. Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

Visual and audio issues occur for various reasons, perhaps your internet is too slow, the device your using is outdated, or you’ve spilled water on it, resulting in internal damages- it happens to the best of us. But with this in mind, you need to try to find another alternative so that your conversation will go fluidly. If you’re able to, borrow a friends’ device, or find an accessory that could help the quality i.e. an external webcam or headphones with a microphone.

  1. Setting the scene like Anderson

Close your windows to block out any noise! Those cars driving by and road works will pierce the ears of your interviewer and become a huge distraction.  Remember that what is behind you is visible as well, so that psychedelic poster that is up for interpretation is really cool, but it’s not appropriate in this situation. If you can, create a background with a plant and some books for a little Skype Feng Shui. Also, avoid speaking in an empty room, as the echo will affect sound quality.

  1. Lights, Camera, Action!

Good lighting is everything, how else do you think the Kardashians take the best head shots? Take it from the selfie Goddesses- natural daylight is best, try sitting in front of a window but if it’s too bright, flatten it with a window shade to avoid over exposure, and make sure you’re facing the window and not have it behind you, back light is a crime in this occasion. If you’re being interviewed in the evening, have a soft light pointing towards the top of your head, rather than under your chin (the ghost stories effect), too much pointed to one side (the phantom of the opera) or directly above you (alien abduction). The camera of your choice should be at eye height in order to get the effect that you’re there in the room with your interviewer. Place your laptop/desktop/tablet/mobile phone on a stand to get the correct height. You don’t want the interviewer peering deep into your nostrils, nor see the pajama bottoms your wearing under the blazer and blouse… which brings us to our fourth and final tip.

  1. Business on the top, party on the bottom (if you wanna)

You need to be presentable, get your best suit on and wear your nicest blouse, wear that watch you love so much and the accessories you know your interviewer will see. As for your bottoms, well, that’s your choice, but keep our third tip in mind if you don’t plan on fully dressing like your on Wall Street.   

Have you ever had a Skype interview go awry? We want to hear your craziest stories below!



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