Covid-19 and recruitment, how do we deal with it?

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This is a very unusual time that we are all living in currently. The pandemic of Covid-19 spread so rapidly that most of us were forced to stay home.

This disease is drastically changing our society since the world’s economy is suspended and recruitment processes are affected. Most shops are closed, all businesses need to take action to avoid the virus spreading within their offices and people work now remotely when they can.

Abroad Experience is also affected by it. Especially because being a recruitment consultant is a job requiring extensive contact with candidates or clients. In this blog, we are going to tell you how the virus is affecting the recruitment market and how we deal with it at Abroad Experience. 

But first, it is important for us to share the right information concerning the actions you should take during this time to stay safe and protect others :

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue
  • Use single-use tissues and throw them away after use
  • Greet others without handshakes, hugs or kisses

The impact of Covid-19 on the recruitment market

Companies and recruitment agencies have been impacted pretty early by this pandemic. Within companies, the uncertainty of the economy puts recruitment at the background of their priorities and a lot of projects are being cancelled.

Hiring someone in these circumstances can be considered as a waste of time and money. As recruitment agencies are the connection between companies and candidates, they are directly impacted by the companies’ decisions and need to adapt their processes when there are fewer vacancies available.

Recruitment is a field that requires a lot of contacts with candidates. In addition to the candidate’s education and experience, clients are usually looking for a ‘click’ with the person interviewed. They want to see the candidate as a future coworker, someone they can interact with easily, and who will fit with the company culture. That’s why face-to-face contact is very important in the recruitment world. Without it, processes are slower but still manageable.

However, our modern society allows us to continue functioning thanks to modern tools. Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, Trello or Slack are good ways to keep communication fluid and consistent while working remotely. Some help you to stay organized and focused, others help you communicate more instantly than regular emails.

Some companies were already prepared to ensure their employees could work from home and had already implemented changes in the past to allow great communication between coworkers. Check this blog: Work From Home 2020: The Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs. On the contrary, other businesses were caught off guard and had to enhance their remote work systems as fast as possible.

How we deal with the virus at Abroad Experience

All Abroad Experience’s employees are currently working from home to avoid the spread of the virus. It completely changes the way we work daily. To be 100% transparent with our readers, things are quite slow during this period. But as a point of contact between candidates and clients, Abroad Experience tries to be as available as possible to answer questions from candidates or clients.

Some of us were already working from home part or full-time before the pandemic. Therefore, we have the right tools in place already.  Because of this our whole team are working effectively now.

If you are looking for a job and you see that one of our positions is interesting for you, you can still apply on our website as usual. If you are suitable for the job, one member of our team will offer to interview you by a phone call or skype call, instead of a face-to-face interview.

We hope this blog reassured you about our processes that keep going effectively even when everyone is home, we are still working hard. 

road Experience International Recruitment wishes you the best of luck in your job applications!

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